Candidate for GA House District 83



As our next State Representative, I envision a community filled with diverse, interconnected neighborhoods that are healthy and prosperous and are supported by collaborative partnerships between citizens, government, businesses, and non-profits. I promise to push for pragmatic, progressive policies that protect the dignity of people, and value equally the worker and the investor. I will ensure that you have an engaged, responsive voice fighting every day to implement the changes we all want: healthy and safe neighborhoods, ethical and transparent government, access to economic opportunity, expanded public transit, quality healthcare, and strong schools to safeguard the future of our state.



I will work to improve economic mobility and financial security for every Georgian. I will start by working to end the massive income gap in metro Atlanta, which is one of the highest in the nation. As our economy expands, I will push for clean energy jobs that protect our environment and support our families. As our next State Representative, I will champion development that is supported by our neighborhoods and accurately reflects the diverse needs and culture of our community. I will fight to increase the minimum wage in Georgia to $15 per hour as a start to supporting a true living wage for our families.

[slide-right]CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM [/slide-right]

As the daughter of a life-long civil rights activist, I am proud of my record of standing up for real criminal justice reform. As our next State Representative, I will fight every day for real criminal justice reform, which includes ending our cash bail system, because being poor shouldn't be a crime. I will also fight to end for-profit prisons and probation. I will work to put an end to the school-to-prison pipeline to ensure every Georgia child has fair access to the brightest possible future.


I am a proud parent of three now-grown children, all of whom attended DeKalb County public schools, where I was a volunteer for 18 years. I know that a strong public education system with well-paid and supported teachers, administrators and staff is the best way to ensure a bright future for our children. As our next State Representative, I will fight to end the decades-long gutting of public school funding, and push for STEAM programs in all of our schools. I will strive to make college or vocational school affordable and accessible to all children in Georgia.


We can't talk about jobs if people can't get to them. As our next State Representative, I will work to expand public transit and decrease our state's expensive, polluting, and exclusive reliance on automobiles. I will create safe, healthy, accessible routes for everyone, including seniors, who rely on them to maintain their independence. As a former health technology project manager, and as a cyclist, I know that our community desperately needs more interconnected bike routes . I will work to expand our public transportation system, including more MARTA stations and bus routes, so working families have access to their next good job.